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Don Peppers and Martha Rogers

Customer Experience Management Certified Advanced Certificate (CEM CAC)

Our Credentials

AARM started as of and for experienced business managers. Created since 2001 in Canada to meet the requirement to have a standard by which persons involved in Customer Relationship Management could be educated, measured, accredited and recognized. We have over 8,000 certified members of which 58% are senior managers and the rest are middle managers in Toronto and New York City.

We do CRM and business process consulting, supported with certification programs in areas like - CRM, CEM, Digital Marketing and Big Data Analytics, our knowledge transfer expertise are in areas of CRM, IMC, LTV, Digital Marketing, Big Data Analytics and RTA/RTC.

AARM is a non-profit association founded on 1996 in Toronto Canada, working with TRS Indonesia in ASEAN since 2017. We already certified many with our PCRM since 2011 in Asia. AARM Asia Pacific in Seoul was founded in 2007. While in Indonesia since 2014, have over 400 certified members and growing. Globally, AARM brand have over 20,000 plus members. This program will be certified by AARM Asia Pacific.

Program Content

This Customer Experience Management Certified Advanced Certificate (CEM CAC) workshop is a 2 day intensive plus a written exam program created by AARM Asia Pacific and brought to ASEAN countries exclusively by The Right Step. In this training program, you will be equipped with everything you need to ensure you have a well-rounded knowledge and understanding of Customer Experience Management (CEM), including the following in-depth subjects:
1.    Creating an Environment that Supports your Customer Journey
2.    Identifying Valuable Customer Touch points
3.    CRM as a Key Tool and Thinking Process
4.    Customer Service that Ensures Customer Continuity

Talk and engage directly with our expert consultants who command a vast knowledge of how to develop and run successful CEM strategies for your company. Our teams of experts have over 40 years of combined experience in CEM, learning everything the hard way, so you can learn the easy way! Upon completing the program, participants who pass will receive a certified signed certificate from AARM Asia Pacific. This will give you the right customer experience management confidence to move  your career forward, and you can upgrade to our AARM Canada Professional Customer Experience Management Certification Program (PCEM) after at least another 2 years of working exposure, taking two more subjects and a written exam from AARM Canada.


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