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"Without customers
you don't have a business,
you have  hobby"  
Don Peppers and Martha Rogers

Customized Consulting

We are committed to helping companies and professionals deliver moments of truth through creative, innovative and CEM strategies leading to a new era of mutually beneficial CE journeys. All our consultants are with years of local and global in- depth experience and exposure in CEM ideologies with hands-on up to date environment knowledge.

As all our work usually starts with understanding present leadership, gap analysis and touch-points mapping before applying out “Identify Differentiate Interact Customize” (IDIC) thinking process, Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) and ends with a quick wins pilot project. And not forgetting continuous training to create SCA.

We usually want to see positive project performance within 6 to 8 months depending on the full conditional excess to all customer database, information and internal infrastructure of the consulted organization.


Area to share and transfer of knowledge:

          Customer Experience Management

          Customer Relationship Management

          Partner Relationship Management

          Patient Relationship Management

          Integrated Marketing Communications

          Life-time Value / Activity Based Costing

          Digital Marketing

          Big Data (analytics and real-time applications)


          Strategic Management

          Change Management

          Business Processes


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