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"Without customers
you don't have a business,
you have  hobby"  
Don Peppers and Martha Rogers

Professional Customer Relationship Management (P.CRM)

Path towards customer centricity

CRM is not just a fad. Rather, it affects the entire enterprise and all its stakeholders. Learn how to plan CRM initiatives.
Acquire the tools.Learn about the processes for planning CRM (especially LTV).
Explore the impact of IT enablers. Learn how to link and align various groups and initiatives within the company. Get practical examples on how to move CRM initiatives ahead with small wins.
Acquire knowledge of leading edge concepts that will assist your pathway towards effective Social Media, Digital Marketing, Big Data Analytics, Real Time Applications/Computing and the “Moment of Truth”.

AARM is the certifying organization of and for experienced business managers. Created since 2001 in Canada to meet the requirement to have a standard by which persons involved in Customer Relationship Management could be educated, measured, accredited and recognized. We have over 8,000 certified members of which 58% are senior managers and the rest are middle managers in Toronto and New York City.

This certification has no technology bias, whether for specific vendors, their solutions or technology in general. Our focus is on the customer relationship management, and whatever it takes to “keep & grow” your customer share with technology support but also including other areas for strategic and tactical consideration.

AARM is a non-profit association founded on1996 in Toronto Canada, working with TRS Indonesia in ASEAN since 2017. We already certified many with our PCRM since 2011 in Asia (via AARM Asia Pacific based in Seoul). While in Indonesia since 2014, have over 400 certified members and growing. Globally, AARM brand have over 20,000 plus members.

Program Content

The program employs a common core curriculum with specific domains tailored
to the needs of those in attendance in the areas of cases or applications. Theprogram provides CRM understanding for those who require some technical CRM knowledge and those who manage or relate to such people in their companies.

The core curriculum of the program is based on eight domains’ contents listed below.
The three-full day interactive workshop comprised of knowledge transfer trainers who are chosen for their particular “hands-on” in-depth CRM regional and global experience and exposure.

The eight domains cover areas like (at the end of them you will be able to know, think, plan, do and execute rightful CRM objectives and start your “win-win” pilot project):

Day One
CRMFundamentals – Concept and Philosophy
CRM Frameworks
CRM Styles – Strategic, Operational and Analytical

Day two
Customer Value Management and Measurement
Managing CRM implementation
Technology and Infrastructure

Day three
Social Media and Beyond
Local CRM in Action. Local Case Study
Quick Revision and examination preparation

Day four (only 3 hrs)
On-line Exam Via AARM Canada
Submission of written essay paper (one week later)
Passing mark 75%
Conducted in English

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